Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation


The privacy policy governs the way CHaT (Counselling, Health and Training) Ltd uses, maintains and discloses information collected from clients, trainees and supervisees. This privacy policy applies to the practice and all services offered by CHaT and all associates either online, by telephone or within the practice.

All Clients and Supervisees will be issued with an agreement of services which will refer to this policy document which can be viewed at any time. The agreement will be signed by both parties stating that the privacy policy is agreed and understood how information is collected, stored and held prior to any services commencing.

Personal Information collected by CHaT.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Preferred Contact Number
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Medical Conditions affecting Counselling
  • Medications currently prescribed or taking.
  • GP Details

Storage of information. 

All notes taken regarding the Sessions are hand written and stored in a locked cabinet within a locked room inside a secure and alarmed building. Personal details are kept separate to any notes and all notes are anonymised and coded ensuring the individual client is not identifiable from their notes. All clients are entitled to view their notes upon 48 hours advanced request. All notes are factual, precise, non diagnostic and non judgemental.

Mobile Phone.

All clients contact numbers are stored on my work mobile phone which is secured with a password, clients are identifiable by first name only and there is no connection between CHaT and the mobile phone.

Email Addresses.

Email addresses are not stored on the CHaT Counselling email system.

Documents held by CHaT.

  • Contract/Agreement: 1 Copy is kept in a locked cabinet and 1 copy is offered to the client.
  • Sessional notes: Kept for 7 years to comply with Indemnity Insurance policy terms, Al notes will be safely destroyed after this period.

Data Sharing.

  • Supervision: Monthly Supervision sessions are attended by all Counsellors to ensure ethical practice is maintained, sessional information is discussed although client details remain confidential.
  • Ethical Will: In the unlikely event that any Counsellor should become incapacitated then a therapeutic executor will pass all relevant files to the appropriate Counselling Supervisor.
  • Emergencies: If a clients health or life is threatened, personal details may be shared with health care professionals such as a GP or Mental Health Crisis Team.

Deleting personal information.

All contact details are deleted from electronic devices 3 months following cessation of any service provided.

All written information is held for 7 years and deleted after this period.

Your Rights.

  • Access: All clients are entitled to view their notes upon 48 hours advanced request. All notes are factual, precise, non diagnostic and non judgemental.
  • Right to be forgotten. You have the right to ask that all details about you be erased. This includes any personal information held that you feel is no longer relevant to original purposes or you may wish to withdraw any agreement in place. In all cases and when considering these requests, these rights are obligatory unless it is information that CHaT has a legal obligation to retain.
  • Data Portability: Clients have the right to receive your personal information which has been provided to CHaT and the client has the right to transfer this data to another party. For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR,  2018) the Data Controller is David Wright (Director at CHaT).


David Wright


CHaT ( Counselling, Health and Training) Ltd.